Future Implications


So you’ve made the leap to establish your business presence via social media. You’ve successfully increased brand awareness and a following with customers, but what’s next? Social media is constantly evolving and if your strategy is static, you will inevitably find yourself left behind. An organization needs to have a dedicated team of social media professionals to stay ahead of the curve. Your organization needs to create a plan for the business. A good first step is to re-evaluate your social media marketing strategy. It would take a magic eight ball to predict the next big thing in social media, but here are a few future implication trends to keep in mind when reviewing and thinking about the organization’s overall strategy and brand recognition.



Social Storytelling

Storytelling is a way to engage followers however the organization needs to reflect and evaluate that the story in which the company is marketing is truly reflective of who and what they are. It is predicted that 2014 will be the rise of coherent social storytelling. The implication are how brands use social media to build their reputation and how consumers use social media as brand ambassadors. The idea is to focus on building relationships rather than driving transactions. Storytelling helps to unlock the true power of social media and inspire customers to build business with the organization.









Video Becomes Viable

Viral marketing has already become a staple in the online marketing strategy, however how cool would it be to be able to search the web and see a snippet of a video that answers a question or solves a problem rather than watching an entire video that has the “to do” at the end of the video?


Facebook Strategic Refocus

Marketing on Facebook will require retooling and refocusing. Marketers will need ensure messages are more useful in the news feeds. The organization needs to listen to the story tellers within its followers and publish content that is about making them useful and interesting to Facebook followers.

Integrating marketing channels like email, social media and events that encourage followers to share the organizations brand and content is key. Facebook is a word-of-mouth marketing application. Use it wisely and to your advantage!

Facebook can ultimately drive traffic to the organizations website where they will interact and hopefully buy the product or service. Going a step further by creating and publishing useful content to a blog is a great way to achieve this across many social media channels to gain more attention and traffic.



Employee Engagement and Advocacy

Employee advocacy is a strategic initiative that organizations should utilize. They have hired the experts, why not use them? Organizations tend to look outside of the business for brand advocates in social media, however they need to focus on the experts they have employed who are most likely their most passionate advocates. Each of these experts will have influence and their own unique social network that they can share the organizations social media messages with. Organizations should create employee advocacy programs that will help promote their brand and reputation from the inside out.






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  1. Mark McHugh
    Mar 30, 2014 @ 19:09:52

    I really liked your points! The only one I had worries about is the employee engagement and advocacy. I am not sure how effective and beneficial this would be for brands. I would be worried that allowing employees to be involved in the brand social media could be risky if one employee were to “screw up” or post something detrimental to the brand. Also, social media marketing should always be systematic and planned out. If a brand has 10+ employees posting on the brands behalf, there could be overlap among content, over posting, and could even cause confusion. Your thoughts?


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