Flashing the world to gain attention!


in the culture of social media keeping a presence out in front by flashing the world to gain attention above competitors is an important factor. Social media is quickly becoming the main focus of marketing for businesses that are using the web to claw their way to the top. Not only do they need to know how with creativity but also brains. Social media is an excellent tool to build a community around a product or service, expand a market and most importantly listen to your customers! Administrare is here to guide you to success.

“OMG…what gadget can I use to be an instant success and have a following as big as Facebook, but TODAY?!” Okay, hold on junior, let’s jump back a mile and start at the beginning. We need to talk SEO. SEO is no longer about manipulating search engines, groping site threading with as many sexy words as possible to attract random traffic to your site. Website owner’s aka novice business starters need to focus on optimization efforts on creating a strong presence with REAL HUMAN fans and build rankings in search engines with products such as Google Penguin or Panda. How can you go wrong with two docile creatures that make you feel wubby?


Amazingly over one billion people find online content through word-of-mouth networks…impressive. Not surprising that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are starting to become some of the digital world’s top sites to spread news, promote events and advertise. As a business owner how can you get in on the action? It has been said that SEO driven algorithmic decision-making software robots are a nature of the past, human interest is the new SEO. In an effort to compete with the new trend of SEO, Google has begun to integrate similar organic value metrics into their ranking scripts and aid the human element in search popularity.

A successful way to create not only strong content but generate traffic is using social networks. Social networking sites are a fabulous place to build back links to your web content. This can be as easy as building networks on Facebook and Twitter and tie those back to your blog to generate traffic and interest. But even these two simple steps seem like a win win step for generating community and expanding your target market. However you need to have social media monitoring tools available to know if it is working.

Useful sites for social media monitoring and analytics

Social Mention allows you to track and measure who is talking about you, your company, product or industry. Social Mention pulls data from hundreds of social media platforms to give the most accurate statistics possible.

Tweet Deck is a great effective tool that allows you to arrange feeds from all your social networks into one place via a dashboard.

Sprout Social allows you to monitor your business and manage conversations with one marketing analytics tool. From there you can publish and schedule updates across a variety of social channels with a single click. It also allows you to monitor your business efficiently and manage and grow your social presence. Sprout Social integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare and other networks.

Social Oomph is a great marketing tool especially for Twitter. Twitter is a great way for a business to build relationships. Social Oomph assists you in managing multiple Twitter profiles and allows you to configure features such as Auto Direct Message, Auto Follow and Auto Unfollow. With the unfollow tool, it helps you to maintain and clean up your news feed.

Sysomos is an applications that allows you to measure results and decide what is working and not working. Sysomos collects data from blogs, Twitter, wiki, messages and other sources and gives you the ability to identify things about the conversations such as age, gender and location. This can be a great tool to market to a specific audience.

To be competitive and successful with an online presence it is essential for every organization to monitor and track what is being said about them. We all know people like to gossip and usually say exactly what they mean especially in an online environment. It is important for a business to interact with customers through social media and analyze areas of their content that may need to be improved to keep viewers coming back and remain competitive and interesting in the very fast paced online environment.


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