My blog is to discover how social media works in society and how it is changing the way in which we interact with one another along with the tools that are available to make us pros at blogging.

The internet is filled with an array of experts and pseudo experts that give us great tips and gadgets to make our online blogging and communication successful. During this process I have also discovered how social media has changed the way in which we interact and communicate with others.

What is social media? It has blandly been defined as interactions among people who create, share and exchange information and ideas in communities and networks. But isn’t social media larger than that? How many times have you been at a party or casually hanging out with friends and 99% of them are on their media device of choice searching, texting or stalking something in the social media realm?

Perhaps it’s a sign of age, but over the last 10 years with the advancement of technology and mobile devices, it seems that people are more inclined to communicate various matters of business via a text message or some sort of virtual community website like Facebook.  I’ve personally experienced arguments via text which ended badly, break ups, messages of extreme distress….what happened to picking up the phone and calling someone to meet in person and discuss? Have we gotten socially lazy when it comes to person to person interaction? Along with discovering helpful tools of social media, the sociologist in me also wishes to pursue how social media is changing our behavior and what trends will develop in the future for human interaction.


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